Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

Snakes and Ladders: Snakes Eyes slots is a game reminiscent of the original board game. In this exciting and rewarding game, Pragmatic players work around a bonus board to earn high multiplying payouts and extra rolls of the dice. The game is available through online and mobile access with no waiting around and the option of trying out the game in practice mode. Players can enjoy five reels filled with ten paylines in practice mode for as long as they require, with the option of placing up to $10 in real money bets. The game is free to all.

Symbols and Triggering the Bonus Board Game

The main symbols include a gorilla, banana, snake, snake basket, monkey head, and dice with one, two, and three dots. The dice is wild, and the number of dots on the dice directly reflects the multiplier applied to any payline that the wild is contributing. Three, four, and five of the bonus symbols triggers the bonus board game with twelve, fourteen, and sixteen free spins. The bonus board game comprises a 12x12 grid with 144 positions, snakes and ladders on the board, bananas, and the monkey head is the player moving around the positions based on the number of triggering rolls. Landing on a ladder helps the player move forward to a different position, and landing on a snake takes the player back. Squares are offering up to 400x the bet placed and squares with special multipliers. Reaching the end position guarantees the player 1000x the bet placed, and if a minimum of 20x has not been reached, the rage mode is triggered. This guarantees a win and helps players earn more payouts through dice rolls. Snakes and Ladders: Snake Eyes slots is a beautiful game of fun, of nostalgia, and with it, a big promised payout over time.