Traditional casino games such as slots and roulette are fabulous to play and a lot of fun but sometimes it is nice to take a break from these games and enjoy some other games. The Bingo games offered at Box24 offer just that and more, not only does the player enjoy another style and type of game, but he also has a chance to win some fantastic jackpots. There are several different bingo games offered at the Box24 casino including Dollar, Quarter and Game of Thrones. Each game is offered with its own jackpot and its own limits for betting.

How to Make the Most of the Bingo Games

The basis of each bingo game is the same and that is the player is given a card with a group of set numbers and once the game commences, numbers are called out from a random generator and the player marks off his card with numbers that appear from the called numbers. When the player completes a row or column or diagonal row of numbers, depending on the game, he wins. There are a number of variations on the different options and new games are about to be added including Supernova Room and Eclipse Bingo. Choosing to play Bingo games is not just about the game but also the community. Each Bingo game offers a chat room where players are able to converse with other players in real time about the game and the casino. The chat rooms form a community where the player feels comfortable to discuss anything and everything to do with Bingo and the casino. The Bingo games are a fabulous fun and formidable addition to the Box24 casino.