Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots

If you're a fan of time travel then you're, in for a treat with this slot game. Miles Bellhouse and Gears of Time offers a time machine experience along with appealing graphics and a fitting soundtrack. Betsoft, known for their mobile casino games has truly outdone themselves with this one. In terms of visuals the game showcases Miles as a scientist in his age standing next to a grid and in front of a mesmerizing portal, to the time machine. Assisting him is a robot, both of which serve as high value symbols on the grid. Additionally there are three colored cogs of sizes and two pieces of machinery that complete the lineup. Immerse yourself in the sci fi world by playing Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time slot online.

About Miles Bellhouse and Gears of Time;

The Miles Bellhouse and Gears of Time online slot features animated robots, machinery and an eccentric scientist on its reels. Developed by Betsoft using top notch graphics technology it delivers a Steampunk adventure that can be enjoyed on PCs or mobile devices. The game is on a 5x5 grid using a cluster pays mechanism.

Embark, on a captivating journey with Miles. Explore the wonders of the past future. Along the way trigger thrilling bonus rounds where you'll have the opportunity to choose from three options that span time periods. As you travel through time you'll encounter both old versions of Miles accompanied by his robot companion who undergoes upgrades over the years. But it's not just about the experience; this game also offers impressive features that unfold as you venture through time. The Past, Present and Future modes bring symbol cascades, respins and win multipliers into play both during gameplay and in spins.

The reels showcase an array of designed gears in colors and sizes. You'll also come across Miles himself his sidekick and an assortment of fascinating contraptions. What makes this game unique is that it rewards players based on clusters than paylines. To form a winning combination you'll need three symbols adjacent to each other. When a win occurs those winning symbols stick in place while a re spin is triggered. You can further boost your winnings by adding symbols to the cluster during subsequent spins-up to a maximum of 25 symbols, per cluster! Additionally keep an eye out for the symbol represented by lightning bolts which can substitute for symbols. Furthermore when it contributes to a victory it also becomes sticky. Thanks, to the clusters your chances of winning improve

Modifiers from the Past to the Future

there are five designated positions on the reels. When one or more winning symbols land in these positions it triggers a modifier. The more of these positions you have filled the greater your chance of activating a modifier. These modifiers represent periods. Past, present and future.

With the Past modifier you get to replay the round up to five times. This gives you an opportunity to achieve a cluster win. The Present modifier grants you a multiplier ranging from 2x to 20x. Lastly the Future modifier selects a symbol that will appear on ten spots across the reels.

Free. Bonuses

To trigger the free spins feature special symbols are not required. Instead you need winning symbols in all five designated positions on the reels. Once achieved you can choose your preferred time stream. Receive either 10, 12 or 6 spins. The 12 Past spins offer re cascades at each rounds end while the 10 Present spins come with multipliers ranging from 2x, to 20x. Finally the 6 Future symbols will give you a thrilling combination, on the spinning reels.

Rounding up

Regarding its features this game consists of 5 reels and rewards players with cluster wins. It has a level of volatility. Offers a favorable RTP rate of 97%. The betting range is set between $0.05 and $50 coins making it suitable, for budgets. Moreover the game is optimized for devices allowing players to enjoy it on the go. Overall Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time is a slot title that offers cluster payouts and captivating features. With its spins and three unique modifiers it's definitely worth giving this slot a try.