Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

If you are looking for an adventurous and unique casino entertainment experience, then Betsoft Gaming has you covered. The skilled software developer takes your casino gaming sessions to a whole new level with its action packed, role-playing Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots adventure title. This game invites you to go on a thrilling mission to discover ancient Egyptian treasures in the long forgotten temple of Ra (god of the sun).

Be aware though, because by entering Ra's hidden temple, you will wake up his curse and make his army of creepy warrior minions come back to life. It takes courage and a lot of bullets to fight your way through this ancient army of freaks in order to claim the sun god's ancient treasures, but the end result will be very satisfying if you succeed in your mission.

Go to War with Ancient Egyptian Creatures in Order to Claim Rewards

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots is basically a casino shooting game. On your screen, you will see mummy warriors and other creatures wandering around, and it is your task to blast them away with your arsenal of awesome weapons. Make sure you fire up those rounds in quick succession, because every fired shot is able to trigger features and payouts.

Go to war with ancient Egyptian creatures, like the crimson bataantas, the wrapped minions, the wrapped spirit guards, and the scarab hatchlings, and make your way through the various subterranean temple rooms. Your powerful weapons to battle Ra's creeps are a machine gun, a laser rifle, a plasma gun, grenades, and a shotgun. Furthermore, these weapons are not your only friends in this dangerous quest for profits. In order to claim powerful rewards, you need to team up with a maximum of five other players to bring down the wrathful gods of Egypt, which are Osiris, Anubis, and Ra himself.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots Gives Much More Than Just Cash Rewards

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots is a game that will give you so much more than just cash rewards. You can leave it up to Betsoft to provide you with a game that brings along multiplier social game play options, a leaderboard rewards pool feature, the ability to customize avatars, the opportunity to complete achievements, and the ability to progress through different exciting stages of the game with the help of gained experience points (XP).

On top of that, this amazing game can be played on both desktop and mobile devices (Android and iOS) so you can play it no matter if you are at home or on the road. Don't miss out on playing this game the next time you visit a Betsoft powered casino, because it will definitely bring something new and exciting to your online casino game screen.