Cleocatra Slots

Cleocatra Slots is a wonderful slot game playing off the mysterious Egyptian culture and their pride in wealth and their beautiful feline friends. If you are interneted in a glamorous slot game the stick around as we uncover the ins and outs of this particularly thrilling one. If you are a beginner or an experienced player this game will provide great and exciting things for you.

Must Know Attributes of Cleocatra Slots

As you can tell by the title having a play on the name Cleopatra to Cleocatra we know that the theme of this game is going to be cats and ancient Egypt. So as this is an ancient civilisation slot game we may think we know what to expect however, this game has a twist. It could easily be a generic slot but the cats raise it to a new level. This slot gam could be seen as the feline counterpart to The Dog House. Here we have the Egyptian-style cats that are both adorable and fun, and you get multiplier wilds as well as a sticky cats respins feature in the base game.

Must Know Features of Cleocatra Slots

This slot game has a lot of great features throughout the game. With its fantastic theme different icons such as The pyramid Wild can appear on reels. This one can only appear on reels 2 to 5 and it plays for regular pay symbols to help complete wins. These great Wild features come with multipliers of x2 or x3, and these are added together if more than one wild is part of the same winning combo. There is also a bonus round feature that gets you 200 free spins with Cleocatra Slots which is where the game gets more eventful, there is an option to purchase your way to this area of the game too ig you just can’t wait.

To Sum It All Up

Overall we can see that Cleocatra Slots has put up a lot for offer to its players. There are many bonus features that really make it worth while to stick around and keep playing. We can also see that with its high RTP rate of 95.6% That this will and is drawing players to this wonderful slot game and keeping them there. So if you are a player that has been on the hunt for a new slot game, one that is going to meet those needs of a high quality slot game then you have come to the right place, why n to try it out today.