Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots

Lyra is a sleek and sexy alien who plays guitar in the atmosphere and Erion is her male counterpart who together they not only rule the galaxy but bring plenty of winning opportunities to players. This new style slot does not have the traditional set paylines, winnings are earned by forming clusters of symbols and players can increase their clusters to earn more and more. The shape of the game looks like a hexagon and there are the equivalent of 22 reels in the game. All symbols are 3D and made up of blue neon colors and designs. There are jewels and crystals that fill the screen of this incredible new style slots game.

Re-Spins, Clusters and Two Different Bonus Games

Symbols grouped together form a winning payout and after each spin a further re-spin is added that can give the player more winning payouts. Energy collection triggers the bonus range where the player can win the Lyra spirit bonus or the Erion pick and win bonus round. The Lyra spirit bonus activates as the star on Lyras chest begins to glow and then players see her sprinting across the planets collecting gems and jewels and shifting from side to side that give the player many winning payouts. The bright neon colors are accompanied by music with every spin on these special reels creating an amazing atmosphere on the screen that gives players a whole new look at what the galaxy can be and how players can win payouts from clustering symbols together. This new style slots game is proving to be a big success.