Ready for a full on animated slot experience featuring two space marines and an evil alien? That is right, This slot is more than just a game. Before you begin your journey, you get to watch as our heroes fight their way through space aliens and robots. During their sequence they get split up, now making any form of hope lost--That is where you step in! You need to stop the evil green alien and his team of robots and help bring together the two heroes. Spin, bet, and collect, your way to safety and save the universe from the evils of the alien mastermind behind the wheel. This 5 reel 30 pay line slot pays from left to right and offers a huge variety of wilds, scatters, and bonus features! With a completely animated experience, you will enjoy the space station graphics bordering the 5 reels of aliens, robots, our two heroes, and target practice. Arrival offers a heroic soundtrack along with unique symbol animations and sounds.

Bonuses and Features

As you stand behind our evil foe and watch as he spins the wheel, you may want to look out for some important symbol combinations. Now, Betsoft is proudly known for offering innovative symbols and we see nothing less than that with Arrival. When the space marine is triggered by two or more of the same symbol, you will be rewarded with up to 400 coins. There are also aliens, robots, and spaceships that provide players with up to 300, 200, or 150 coins respectively. Planets and badges give players up to 125 or 100 coins respectively and the last two symbol offer up to 75 or 50.

If you land on three or more raygun symbols you will trigger the UFO feature allowing you to click UFO's and hopefully reveal instant credit prizes. Spinning three or more Brain Alien symbols will trigger the abduction wild reel feature and you will be awarded some free spins. However, when you are ready to save the female space marine, land on three or more of her symbol to begin the full feature bonus game. You and the male space marine will be working side by side, pressing buttons and hoping your influence on the button is stronger than the influence of the alien. Do it enough times to break the bubble containing our female friend, and score big!

The Verdict

Arrival brings to us a fully animated slot experience that will have you saving the galaxy. This game offers top quality graphics and a fantastic score to compliment the spins. There are enough bonus features in the game that you will see some unique animations and bonus games. It scores quickly and you will always be wanting more. What do you think? Do you have the courage to stop up to the evil alien and help our space marines safe the galaxy?